Congregation Meeting Timer

Congregation Meeting Timer 1.2

Program the time for each speaker on a meeting and display it in big numbers
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Cerebrum Consulting Inc

Program the time for each speaker on a meeting and display it in big numbers. Congregation Meeting Timer is a practical software tool that allows speakers on a meeting to know how much time they have spent already and how much they still have left. The program was designed to be used on religious meetings, but of course it could be easily adapted for use in any other kind of meeting where timing is an important issue.

The program does not include a help file, but its easy-to-use interface is totally clear and intuitive. Every time you run the program, a small and helpful window pops up telling you how to use the program in five simple steps. First of all, you can input the time in hours, minutes and seconds manually, and click on a specific button to change your system's time. This feature is designed to synchronize the time on your PC with the time in any other clock in the room, usually bigger and visible for everybody.

After that, you can proceed to specify the meeting date, which automatically opens a "Build Meeting Schedule" window. There you can choose between two tabs - "Bible Study, School and Service Meeting" and "Public Talk and Watchtower Study". In both cases you can set the meeting start time and the type of meeting you want to time. Once you are done, all the meeting parts you have configured will appear on a grid on the main window, whose contents you can easily export into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Timing a part, stopping or pausing it, or clearing and resetting all times, can easily be done through simple button clicks. The program will always show the countdown for the current speaker using oversized black numbers, which will turn red in case the speaker goes overtime, so that they can easily see if they are still on time or not.

Undoubtedly, Congregation Meeting Timer is an excellent tool, very helpful for anyone needing to organize and schedule meetings, especially religious ones.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Displays a small and helpful window giving you guidance about the usage of the program every time you run it
  • Allows you to synchronize the time on your PC with the time in the hall-clock
  • Allows you to export the meeting details on the program's grid into a Microsoft Excel's spreadsheet
  • Displays the running time in a big and colored format, easily visible by the current speaker


  • None
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